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  • the top of Friendship Arch at night
    Friendship Gate

    The 40-foot gate at 10th and Arch streets was created by artist Sabrina Soong. It was constructed in part with engineers and artisans from China using tiles from Philadelphia’s sister city, Tianjin. It is an entrancway to Chinatown.

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    Photo credit: Dyana Wing So, Unsplash
  • Swann Memorial Fountain at night, with City Hall in the background
    Logan Square

    Logan Square is a hub of popular sites in the city, with Swann Memorial Fountain at its heart. Nearby are Sister Cities Park, the Free Library of Philadelphia, and several museums.

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    Photo credit: Adobe Images
  • Love Park

    Officially known as John F. Kennedy Plaza, Love Park is home to the reproduction of Robert Indiana’s 1970 LOVE sculpture.

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    Photo credit: Susan Walker
  • the word 'possible' spelled out in a mosaic
    Magic Gardens

    Located on South Street, Magic Gardens is an immersive mixed-media art environment completely covered with mosaics. The space is made up of two indoor galleries and a bi-level outdoor sculpture garden.

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    Photo credit: Chang Ye, Unsplash
  • a section of the Philadelphia Muses mural, depicting the muses
    Mural Mile

    Philadelphia is known for its vibrant murals throughout the city. Two walking tour routes known as the Mural Mile start and end near Market Street in Center City. Follow the Mural Arts Philly map or visit their site to choose your own destination.

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    Photo credit: Susan Walker
  • the facade of Philadelphia City Hall against an aqua sky
    Philadelphia City Hall and Dilworth Park

    City Hall is the world’s largest free-standing masonry building and was the world’s tallest habitable building when completed in 1894. Dilworth Park is a plaza on the west side with seasonal features such as a fountain and skating rink.

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    Photo credit: Garrison Gao, Pexels
  • a photographer captures a young man posing in front of Rocky with his arms upraised

    The statue of the iconic movie character may be found outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art — though Rocky is not, as in the movie, on the steps.

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    Photo credit: G. Widman for GPTMC GEORGE WIDMAN PHOTOGRAPHY L.L.C

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