Right-of-Entry Permits

IMPORTANT NOTICE: we are experiencing an issue with our Right of Entry (ROE) application payment system. As such, we are not able to process credit cards payments until further notice. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Applicants are asked to pay the fee by check and mail with their Right of Entry application to the following address:

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
P.O. Box 7780-4044
Philadelphia, PA 19182-4044

If you require access to or desire to use SEPTA property, you must submit a Right-of-Entry (ROE) application to allow SEPTA the opportunity to review, coordinate, and approve your request prior to coming onto SEPTA property.

Permit Application Process

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective April 2, 2024, we are changing our ROE application page from Cognito forms to an eBuilder system. Application details and requirements in the eBuilder system are the same as that of the current Cognito forms. If you require more information about this change, please reach out to roeadmin@septa.org.

To request the use of SEPTA property:

Most applications require a nonrefundable $2,000.00 processing fee due at the time of the application. 

SEPTA reviews all completed applications. The time it takes to process and approve an application will depend on the accuracy of its contents, request type, completeness, and other factors.

Once approved, applicants must sign a ROE agreement. The ROE agreements specify the terms and conditions for the applicant’s use of SEPTA property. The applicant may pay extra fees for engineering reviews or property protection.

SEPTA will only review official ROE applications. Email, verbal requests, or any other method of communication are invalid. The ROE applicant cannot enter SEPTA property without written approval.

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