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  • Chinatown

    With origins in the 1800s, Philadelphia’s Chinatown is home to many restaurants and shops. A wide selection of delicious Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai and Burmese cuisine may be found there.

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    Photo credit: Jimmy Woo, Unsplash
  • the crowded, brightly-lit outside of Geno's at night
    Geno’s Steaks

    Opening in 1966, Geno’s is a favorite stop for visitors who want to try the city’s signature sandwich. The shop is known for the Wiz Cheesesteak Sandwich. Late-night crowds are often standing room only.

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  • a girl stands by cases of produce in an open-air market
    Italian Market

    At the nation’s oldest outdoor market, visitors can browse outdoor fresh produce stands or step indoors and take in the aromas of the gourmet and specialty shops.

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  • Pats exterior at night, with colorful lighted signs
    Pat’s King of Steaks

    Pat’s is known as the originator of the Philly steak and cheesesteak. It opened in 1930 and still located at the south end of the Italian Market.

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  • customers roam the market and eat at food stall counters
    Reading Terminal Market

    Philadelphia’s bustling historic farmer’s market offers a wide range of cuisines, along with fresh produce, meats, poultry, seafood, and sweets. Shop for flowers, jewelry, handmade items, and more.

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    Photo credit: Susan Walker

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