Mobility Devices

SEPTA Staff Are Here to Help

SEPTA employees can help push you or give you directions and put weight on handles for tires to grip SEPTA ramps, but will not carry or lift you, your device, or any bags. SEPTA employees can also help you with ticket payment. See our Riding Tips for more information.

Mobility Device Size Limits

Devices up to 48 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 600 pounds (occupied) can go on Regional Rail or SEPTA buses. Larger devices may not be able to fit in train doors or buses.

Wheelchair Strollers

Wheelchair strollers are medical mobility devices. They should go on the vehicle using the ramp or lift, and go to the wheelchair area.

SEPTA has a voluntary tag program for people who use a wheelchair. Call 215-580-7800 for details.

Operators will look for a special tag from SEPTA on the device and get the lift or ramp ready so you can get on the vehicle. They will also latch the stroller in the vehicle’s wheelchair area. To get on the vehicle faster, tell the operator: “this is a wheelchair stroller – please put down the lift or ramp.”

Electric Balancing Scooters (Segways)

You can use an electric balancing scooter as a medical mobility device if you have a Pennsylvania Reduced Fare Card. See SEPTA’s policy on EBS use for more information.

Mobility Devices and Service Animals

If you have a device and have a service animal, tell the operator if your animal gets on the vehicle before you, after you, or with you. Be careful using lifts on any SEPTA vehicles with the animal. SEPTA employees cannot hold leashes/harnesses or interrupt the animal’s job.

Use your chair’s seat belts when riding on SEPTA vehicles. You will need your seatbelt when using the ramp to get off a low-floor bus.

Secure wheelchairs and scooters with these rules:

  • On buses, secure devices in at least three non-movable parts.
  • On CCT Connect, secure devices in at least four non-movable parts.
  • Regional Rail cars do not offer securement features.

Mark your device’s secured areas with colored tape or get tie down straps.

These companies have kits to help make sure a wheelchair or scooter follows SEPTA rules: