Travel Aides and Training Programs

Travel Aides

Route Identifier Kits

If you have trouble seeing routes or stops, SEPTA has a route identifier kit. This kit has a 4×7-inch holder to show your bus route number and sets of numbers in large text and braille. Operators will look for people with route identifiers. Operators will stop vehicles close to the customer and call out the route number. To get a kit, call 215-580-7145.

Stop Assistance Cards

These cards are free. They show SEPTA employees that you need help. Employees will make sure you use the correct stop. Use the cards on the bus, subway, trolley, and Regional Rail. To get cards, call 215-580-7145 or TDD/TTY 215-580-7712.

ADA Access Link

Concerned fixed-route customers can speak to Customer Service at 215-580-7810. Call 215-580-7800 for travel questions.

Travel Advisories

Our System Alerts page shows service problems. You can also call Customer Service at 215-580-7800.

Training Programs

For information about any of the programs below, call 215-580-7145 or TDD/TTY 215-580-7712.

Vehicle Practice Sessions

We can set up sessions for you to practice getting on SEPTA rail or subway cars.

Practice Travel

You can practice with another rider. We will do our best to match you with someone who knows the system.

Bus Familiarization Program

training bus in the Accessible Travel Center

The “Bus Fam” program is for customers with disabilities who want to learn how to use the system. You can practice using a bus ramp and get helpful tips from staff and skilled riders. The “Bus Fam” program is a free half-day program, but you must register by calling 215-580-7145 or TDD/TTY 215-580-7712.