Riding Tips


  • People who use wheelchairs can get on SEPTA vehicles facing forwards or backwards.
  • People with disabilities who stand can use ramps or lifts for getting on or off vehicles.
  • People with mobility devices may want to use the first car on the Market-Frankford Line [L], Broad Street Line [B], or Regional Rail Lines. They should talk to the operator if they need a bridge plate, if they have a service animal and a mobility device, or if there is an emergency.

Seating and Securing Chairs

  • There is seating on all SEPTA vehicles with a wheelchair symbol for people with disabilities. On buses, two seats flip up to fit two wheelchairs, scooters, or wheelchair strollers. The operator will ask a rider to move seats if they do not need a priority seat, but under ADA, other riders do not have to move from these seats.
  • Knowing where to secure your chair is important so that you can tell an operator. The operator may ask you, “Where do you want this secured?”

Stop Announcements

  • The operator announces major stops, transfer points, and sites of interest on buses without a working stop announcement system. Rail and trolley employees also announce stops. 

Planning a Step-Free Ride

Google Maps on a smartphone showing Driving Directions results. The Options link is circled.

Google Maps can help plan a step-free trip. Use the Directions tool online or in the app.

To use this feature:

  • Click on the Directions icon.
  • Click the Transit icon, above the Starting Point and Destination areas.
  • Enter your starting point and ending point.
  • When the directions come up, click the Options link. Pick Wheelchair Accessible from the list of options.