‘System Status’ Gives Riders Real-Time Snapshot of SEPTA Service

‘System Status’ Gives Riders Real-Time Snapshot of SEPTA Service

New Online Tool Now Available on SEPTA's Website

SEPTA has launched a new online tool that gives riders real-time updates for all modes of travel in one place.

System Status offers a complete view of the SEPTA system with just the click of a mouse or touch of a screen. In one neat snapshot, you can see the status of all bus and trolley routes and rail lines. This new feature is available at https://www.septa.org/realtime/status/system-status.shtml on SEPTA’s website.

Here’s how this new tool works: By simply clicking the System Status “Eye”, located on the bottom left-hand corner of every Web page, customers will be taken to a page displaying a grid with all routes and lines clearly listed. Four icons – denoting line suspensions, service alerts, detours and service advisories – will be displayed next to any route or line where service has been or is scheduled to be altered.

Customers can then click on the icons to find out how the changes are impacting service and what they may need to do to change travel plans. If no icons are displayed next to a specific route or line, service is running according to schedule and no alterations are planned.

SEPTA will continue to post Service Alert notices its homepage; System Status enhances this information by providing customers with an overall view of how services are operating.