‘Slippery Rail’ Season Arrives Throughout SEPTA System

‘Slippery Rail’ Season Arrives Throughout SEPTA System

Work Underway to Keep Customers Safe & Minimize Disruptions

SEPTA is taking steps to maximize customer safety and minimize inconveniences as “Slippery Rail” season gets underway.

Slippery Rail season arrives in early to mid-fall – just as the leaves that create the season’s colorful landscape break away from their trees. Some settle on SEPTA’s rails, where they are crushed by passing trains and leave behind a slick residue. This coating decreases friction between train wheels and the rails, creating Slippery Rail conditions.

In these situations, SEPTA trains run under speed restrictions to maintain safe operations. Unfortunately, that can lead to delays and other inconveniences for passengers, particularly those who use Regional Rail, trolleys and the Norristown High Speed Line.

SEPTA takes a proactive approach to battling Slippery Rails to try to minimize the impact to riders. Crews are being dispatched along the tracks with high-pressure washing equipment to blast away leaves and the slick residue they bring to rails, and oily deposits are cleaned with a combination of water, gel and sand.

In addition, SEPTA will use all communications resources at its disposal to keep customers informed about Slippery Rail conditions and possible service disruptions. Notices with information about Slippery Rail season are posted at stations, and whenever service is impacted, SEPTA will make announcements to customers online and through local media.

For more information about Slippery Rails, visit https://www.septa.org/service/rail/slippery.html.