SEPTA’s ‘Bus Revolution’ Launches Trade-Off Survey

SEPTA’s ‘Bus Revolution’ Launches Trade-Off Survey

Public Urged to Give Feedback to Help Inform Changes to Network Through Oct. 31

Bus Revolution is expanding the reach of its public engagement with the launch of a survey focused on trade-offs: to what degree people are willing to walk slightly farther for faster, more frequent bus service. This survey is an expansion of the exercise that the Bus Revolution project team has run with members of the public over the last month. The results of the survey will inform changes to the bus network, ensuring that this critical SEPTA Forward project is rooted in public feedback.

“Bus Revolution is about listening to members of our communities and designing a system that meets their needs,” said SEPTA General Manager and CEO Leslie S. Richards. “Understanding how people feel about these transit trade-offs will define how we create a new bus network at SEPTA.”

SEPTA hopes to receive at least 1,000 responses to the new trade-off survey by the end of October. Everyone is couraged to take the survey at

The new online survey includes updated trade-off questions, such as whether a person would be willing to walk slightly further for faster and more reliable bus service, in addition to questions about how participants currently use the bus network. To reach people who do not have internet or computer access, SEPTA has engaged a market research firm to perform the surveys over the phone. The surveys will be available in both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

This is the first of multiple public participation phases of the Bus Revolution project, which will result in implementation of a new bus network in 2023. Later this year, SEPTA will publish an extensive existing conditions review of the current bus network, which will include a State of the System report and profiles of each of the authority’s bus routes.

In addition to the survey, Bus Revolution pop-up events will continue through the end of October. For more information about these events and other details on Bus Revolution, please visit