SEPTA To Introduce Passenger Etiquette Program

SEPTA To Introduce Passenger Etiquette Program

In order to address basic concerns, enhance a pleasant commuting environment, and encourage passengers to be more considerate of other riders, SEPTA is unveiling a Passenger Etiquette Program. The program focuses on the 4 C’s -Communications Cleanliness, Courtesy and Convenience.

Developed from passenger input through SEPTA website surveys, Customer Service calls, letters and e-mails, the Passenger Etiquette Program educates our valued riders with helpful tips to insure a comfortable ride.

“The quality of each SEPTA ride depends on a partnership between customers and employees, one built on mutual respect and courtesy for each other” says SEPTA General Manager Joe Casey. “It’s not just the responsibility of our operators and frontline staff to do their best for our customers – we also need our customers to do their best to help them.”

SEPTA has always had rules for riding. The Passenger Etiquette program links our overall goal of customer service excellence to a visual and colorful outreach campaign. Riders will begin to see posters, carcards and flyers with general tips for good riding manners as well as tips designed specifically to address the concerns of bus, trolley, high speed, and regional rail customers. For example, the campaign asks customers to:

  • Not smoke on vehicles or at stations
  • Not block doors or other thoroughfares
  • Use earphones/headphones when using personal listening devices
  • Respect instructions of SEPTA personnel

Each month, a new theme will be introduced. For the month of August, the Passenger Etiquette Program will emphasize courtesy, encouraging passengers to keep seats clear for other riders and to offer their seats to seniors, those with disabilities and parents with small children.

SEPTA passengers recently embraced the newly enacted QuietRide Car program on the Regional Rail system. The program helps create a comfortable riding environment by addressing intrusive cell phone and rider conversations, and offers a noise-free riding option on peak-hour trains.

For more information, visit, or call SEPTA Customer Service at 215-580-7800.