SEPTA to Implement Rear-Door Boarding on Buses & Trolleys Starting Wednesday April 1

SEPTA to Implement Rear-Door Boarding on Buses & Trolleys Starting Wednesday April 1

Combined with New Per-Vehicle Rider Limits to Further Promote Social Distancing

As part of SEPTA’s ongoing efforts to provide a safe travel environment and maintain essential transportation during the COVID-19 crisis, several new service changes will go into effect on Wednesday, April 1.

Rear-Door Boarding on Buses and Trolleys

SEPTA will implement rear-door boarding on all bus and trolley routes. All customers will be asked to board and exit from the rear doors. Front-door boarding will be reserved for riders with disabilities.

Rear-door boarding is being implemented to further promote social distancing on-board vehicles. To maintain a safe distance between operators and passengers, SEPTA is suspending on-board fare payment.

Rider Limits

To ensure there will be sufficient space on-board vehicles for customers to practice social distancing SEPTA will limit the number of riders per-vehicle on buses, trolleys and the NHSL:

  • Bus: Maximum 20 riders
  • Trolley: Maximum 25 riders
  • NHSL: Maximum 30 riders

Operators will keep track of the number of people on-board each vehicle. If a vehicle reaches the maximum number of passengers, service will be limited to drop-offs until there is sufficient space to allow new riders to board.

Changes to Routes 101 and 102 Trolley Service

In an effort to maximize available resources, SEPTA will convert the Route 101 Trolley to bus service, and suspend the Route 102 Trolley. Riders can find bus alternatives to the Route 102 on SEPTA’s website at

These adjustments follow service changes over the last two weeks that are aimed at preserving vital public transportation while also trying to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“During the COVID-19 crisis, SEPTA will remain focused on providing transportation for essential workers, and for customers who need access to health care, grocery stores and other life-sustaining services,” said SEPTA General Manager Leslie S. Richards. “For everyone’s health and safety, we ask that all others refrain from using SEPTA until further notice.”

For more service information, visit SEPTA’s website at SEPTA has also added an Essential Services Map that shows how SEPTA services connect with hospitals, grocery stores and other essential services.

During the COVID-19 crisis, SEPTA is streamlining its social media communications on Twitter through the @SEPTAPHILLY account. Please follow and look for updates. In addition, SEPTA will continue to post the latest information on its website, and in announcements to the local news media.

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