SEPTA Taking Proactive Steps to Battle Extreme Winter Weather Customers Urged To Dress Warm & Plan Ahead

SEPTA Taking Proactive Steps to Battle Extreme Winter Weather Customers Urged To Dress Warm & Plan Ahead

SEPTA is taking proactive steps to help maintain safe travel throughout the transit system during the extreme cold. Also, with temperatures expected to drop to dangerously low levels, SEPTA is urging customers to dress appropriately and plan their travel in advance.

This cold snap could cause delays and disruptions on SEPTA buses, trains and trolleys. Potentially hazardous conditions on roads, sidewalks and other areas customers regularly use could also create unsafe conditions and service disruptions.

Below is a summary of some of the steps SEPTA is taking to keep operations normal or as close as possible:

Proactive Measures to Protect Equipment

Train cars for both the Broad Street Line subway and the Market-Frankford Line (subway/elevated) will be stored in subway tunnels overnight to keep the rail cars warmer than they would be if stored at rail yards, as they would on a normal night. Crews will start this process at approximately 10 pm and continue until subway and subway-elevated service finishes for the day at approximately 12:30 am Regular service on these two key lines starts at approximately 5 am, and by storing the rail cars in the tunnels, SEPTA is in the best position possible to provide reliable service for customers on the morning commute.

Bridge/Structure Special Inspections

SEPTA’s structural inspection team performs cold weather inspections on structures that may be susceptible to issues in extreme temperatures. Due to the age and/or physical characteristics of the structures, (viaducts, bridges, tunnel sections and stations that may have water infiltration issues) they receive special inspections during extreme weather events

Speed Restrictions on Trolley and Regional Rail Lines

During periods of extreme cold, SEPTA places speed restrictions on Regional Rail lines and Route 101 and Route 102 trolleys for overhead wire and track concerns. Heaters are used on track switches to prevent freezing. Crews are also positioned in the field to remove ice from overhead wires and to respond when other issues arise.

SEPTA personnel will monitor conditions to spot potential problem areas, and crews will be positioned throughout the system, to rapidly respond to issues as they arise. Customers are reminded to take the following steps to help ensure safe travel:

  • Dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Allow for extra time in the event of service delays.
  • Use extreme caution when boarding and departing from SEPTA vehicles.
  • Listen for station announcements.

Customers can follow official @SEPTA Twitter handles for real-time service information for Regional Rail trains, Broad Street and Market-Frankford Line trains, trolley lines and buses. Twitter handle information for each route and line is available on the “Customized Twitter Feeds” page at or by following the general @SEPTA Twitter feed. SEPTA Customer Service representatives can be reached at 215-580-7800.