SEPTA Offers TrailPass Credit to Wilmington/Newark Line Customers Impacted by Freight Derailment

SEPTA Offers TrailPass Credit to Wilmington/Newark Line Customers Impacted by Freight Derailment

Customers Must Hold Onto Weekly/Monthly TrailPasses, Redeem Punched Pass for Credit

SEPTA will offer credits to Wilmington/Newark Line TrailPass holders who have been affected by the service disruption resulting from the May 2 derailment of a Norfolk Southern freight train near the Eddystone Station. Due to Amtrak work, service on the line was suspended through May 3, and the ongoing track repairs have forced SEPTA to make some service adjustments.

To accommodate SEPTA customers who have been inconvenienced by this situation, SEPTA will offer the following credits for TrailPass holders toward a future pass purchase through July 31:

  • Weekly TrailPass – Valid the Week of April 30: $5 credit
  • May Monthly TrailPass – Zones 2, 3 and 4: $10 credit

To receive the credit, customers must first have their eligible Weekly or Monthly TrailPass punched to validate it. Customers can have their passes punched by a SEPTA Ambassador or ticket agent at their home Wilmington/Newark Line station. Also, conductors on inbound Wilmington/Newark Line trains can punch passes for customers. Passes cannot be punched by SEPTA personnel at Center City stations.
(Please note: Customers will still be able to use their May Monthly TrailPass after it is punched.)

Once the pass is punched, customers can receive the credit when they purchase a future pass at an outlying (non-Center City) Wilmington/Newark Line Station. Customers can also mail the punched pass to the address below to have a credit voucher sent to them. If mailing, customers must provide their name and full address, including zip code. Customers who receive passes through Employer Programs or through pre-tax mechanisms must submit their pass by mail. Please send all mailed requests to:

SEPTA Wilm/New Credit
P.O. BOX 58609
Philadelphia PA 19102-8849

All mailed credit requests will be processed within six weeks.

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