SEPTA Offers Tips For Safe & Secure Holiday Travel

SEPTA Offers Tips For Safe & Secure Holiday Travel

Avoid Distractions, Protect Belongings During the Season's Hustle & Bustle

With the holiday season in full swing, SEPTA is offering travelers tips on how to keep safe and protect their belongings while riding the transit system’s trains, buses and trolleys.

While most people are focused on spreading good cheer during this time of year, it’s important to remain vigilant to guard against those who might look to take advantage of the festive atmosphere.

For example, pick-pockets may try to cash-in amid the distractions that come with the holiday hustle and bustle. And shopping bags filled with presents can also become easy targets for thieves if they are not watched over.

“Be mindful of your surroundings and stay alert,” advised SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel III. “Safeguard your packages by keeping them in front of you. If you’re carrying a wallet, keep it in your front inside coat pocket.”

Passengers can also unwittingly put themselves in danger of serious injury if they become distracted by the seasonal bells and whistles during their travel.

Smartphones are great tools for making holiday party plans and doing online shopping on-the-go. But it’s important to avoid allowing the utilization of these modern conveniences to result in safety hazards.

While waiting on platforms for trains, it’s crucial to stay behind the yellow safety strips that are designed to warn passengers that they are getting too close to active track areas. Also, be sure to devote full attention to traffic signals and rules before boarding and after debarking buses. Phones and other devices can easily distract riders from these critical tasks, so SEPTA is urging them to take a technology break when necessary to ensure safe travel.

SEPTA urges passengers to wait until they board trains, buses and trolleys before texting, calling or checking emails.