SEPTA Launches ‘Dude It’s Rude’ Passenger Etiquette Campaign

SEPTA Launches ‘Dude It’s Rude’ Passenger Etiquette Campaign

New Campaign Uses Direct Approach To Deliver Etiquette Messages

SEPTA today announced the launch of its new ‘Dude It’s Rude’ passenger etiquette campaign. The new initiative takes a direct approach in an effort to get riders thinking about their own personal travel habits.

Prior to the Dude It’s Rude campaign, SEPTA tackled the issue of passenger etiquette through campaigns that either addressed general behaviors or specific areas of concern using a lighter approach with cartoon-like characters. Soon after, a cellphone use campaign was developed, customers positively responded to the cellphone use program materials which combined humor with direct messaging. Based on that experience, SEPTA decided to take a more direct approach in its revised passenger etiquette campaign thus creating the Dude It’s Rude Program. The new program attempts to reform customer travel habits that have continuously been reported as big problems for specific service modes including taking your trash with you, watching your language and blocking the front aisle.

Using strong visuals and minimal words, the new campaign purposely takes an edgier tone. SEPTA intentionally did not include its name or logo on decals and posters to get customers thinking more about the messages instead of who is delivering it.

“Initial comments from our Customer Service Channels have been positive,” said SEPTA General Manager Joseph Casey. “Customers appreciate our efforts to tackle the issues that bug them such as seat hogging. We will continue to monitor customer and employee comments for feedback.”

Dude It’s Rude ads have been appearing at the bottom of SEPTA’s public timetables for the past 12+ months. The launch commemorates expansion of the program to decals, posters and digital messaging on SEPTA vehicles.

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