SEPTA Launches a New Way to Look at Transit

SEPTA Launches a New Way to Look at Transit

New Maps & Communications Tools for Routes With '15-15-5' Service Make Bus Service Easier than Ever to Use

SEPTA is introducing new transit maps and specially branded schedules to promote bus routes that offer frequent weekday service. These new tools are designed to promote SEPTA’s bus services by communicating easily and intuitively about the many transit options provided within SEPTA’s vast network. The new maps and tools show SEPTA’s bus network by their frequency of service, to communicate the best way to use each route.

SEPTA has 19 Bus routes with “15-15-5” service, which means they come every 15 minutes or less, 15 hours a day from 6 am to 9 pm, five days a week Monday through Friday. To meet all-day consistent frequency, SEPTA updated schedules and added select bus trips for the February 24 schedule change. Each of these 15-15-5 routes will features an announcement on the front of its schedule, and an easy-to-read headway grid inside.

“We want customers to start thinking about this as a new way to look at SEPTA bus service,” said SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey D. Knueppel. “Instead of checking schedules, customers can just walk to the bus stop and ride, knowing a bus will be there within 15 minutes – similar to how they use the Market-Frankford and Broad Street Lines.”

SEPTA is also introducing two new concepts for transit maps, which show the frequency of all of SEPTA’s bus services using different colors and line weights. These new intuitive tools allow customers to quickly plan trips around the region by choosing bus routes that best fit their needs. These maps are concepts, and SEPTA wants customers to give their feedback. To see the maps, read about the project, and submit your feedback, visit

“SEPTA’s new frequency standard together with the clear and concise map will help residents and visitors to Philadelphia make better use of SEPTA’s system,” said Chris Puchalsky, Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives for Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation, Infrastructure and Sustainability (OTIS). “CONNECT: Philadelphia’s Strategic Transportation Plan has the goal of transforming bus service, and these new maps and service standards are a step in the right direction.”

The new transit maps will be used to expand customer knowledge and comfort with SEPTA’s vast transit network. The maps will also be used to communicate quickly and easily about potential future service changes. Updates on that effort will continue to be posted on SEPTA’s website at