SEPTA Key Travel Wallet Launches on Regional Rail July 13

SEPTA Key Travel Wallet Launches on Regional Rail July 13

Contactless Travel Option for Single-Trip Rides Enhances Safety and Convenience

SEPTA will launch the Travel Wallet on SEPTA Key for Regional Rail customers starting on Monday, July 13. Using Travel Wallet on the contactless Key Card will enhance safety and convenience for riders.

“As the region’s COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease and SEPTA prepares to welcome back customers, we are expanding the options for using the contactless Key Card on Regional Rail,” said SEPTA General Manager Leslie S. Richards. “The Key Card gives customers added convenience and flexibility, and by using Travel Wallet, they will always receive the fare with the greatest discount.”

With the launch of Travel Wallet on Regional Rail on July 13, SEPTA will activate the turnstiles at all five Center City stations for tap to exit. Customers will be required to tap in and tap out to ensure they receive the correct fare with Travel Wallet and are paying the correct zone fares on their Weekly and Monthly Passes.

Here are important points for Regional Rail customers to be aware of that go into effect July 13:

  • To start a trip, tap the platform or turnstile validator at your boarding station. This opens your trip.
  • After exiting the train, tap off at the platform or turnstile validator before you leave the station. This closes out the trip.
  • By tapping in and out, Travel Wallet customers will automatically receive the discounted rate that was previously available only by purchasing a 10-trip strip of tickets. Previously purchased paper tickets will continue to be accepted.
  • If a customer using Travel Wallet does not tap in to start their trip or tap out to end it, they could eventually be charged up to the maximum single-trip fare.
  • Customers who have a Weekly or Monthly TrailPass on a Key Card will also be required to tap on and off.
  • Registering a Key Card is important to protect a Card and fares in the event it is ever lost or stolen. It becomes even more important with tap in/tap out because registered Cards will have the added benefit of tap forgiveness.ccepted.
  • Due to COVID-19, cash is not being accepted on board right now. Customers who do not have a Key Card, pass or valid ticket upon arriving at one of the Center City stations will need to purchase a Quick Trip at one of the Exit Kiosks inside the turnstiles at the Center City Stations.
  • In addition to Travel Wallet, customers can begin purchasing Cross County TrailPasses on the Key Card July 13. Weekly Cross County Passes will be available for the week beginning Monday, July 13, and August monthly passes can be purchased starting July 20.

By launching the Travel Wallet for Regional Rail on July 13, SEPTA will be ready to welcome back customers when they return to the workplace, especially those who may still be telecommuting for part of their work week. SEPTA Key enhances health and safety protections in place for customers and employees by reducing the need for in-person transactions. Riders can use a variety of self-serve options to manage their Travel Wallet funds, including reloading online through the SEPTA Key ecommerce site, by using the Official SEPTA App, or by calling the SEPTA Key Customer Service Center at (855) 567-3782.

SEPTA would also like to remind customers that a number of outlying Regional Rail ticket offices reopened this week to accommodate returning customers. Customers can purchase Key Cards and load Travel Wallet funds at these locations. More stations will be added in the coming weeks, and customers can check the full list on SEPTA’s website at

For more information about the SEPTA Key, including information on locations where Key Cards can be purchased and other details, please visit

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