SEPTA Key Rollout Expands To Seniors

SEPTA Key Rollout Expands To Seniors

New SEPTA Key Senior Photo Identification Cards Beginning This Month

Seniors are now ready to join the ranks of riders transitioning to the SEPTA Key, with the first new Senior Photo Identification cards going out starting next week. With these cards, seniors won’t have to show their ID to a cashier or operator – they can just “tap-and-go” for their free trips on all SEPTA subways, buses and trolleys, and applicable discounted Regional Rail fares.

Similar to other SEPTA Key cards, the Senior Photo ID Card includes a contactless chip that works by tapping the validators at turnstiles and on-board vehicles. The SEPTA Senior Key Card will eventually replace the other forms of identification currently accepted, including the Pennsylvania Senior Citizen Transit ID, Pennsylvania Driver’s License and Non-Driver’s Identification, Medicare Cards and Railroad Retirement Cards.

The approximately 40,000 seniors who have already applied for a SEPTA Key Senior Photo ID Card will receive them in the mail over the course of the next month, with approximately 10,000 cards sent out every week. Once seniors receive their new photo ID in the mail, they should discard their paper Pa. Senior Citizen Transit ID, if that is the form of identification they use for travel on SEPTA.

Please note: During the phase-in of the SEPTA Key, seniors can continue using their current Pa. Senior Citizen Transit ID, Pa. Driver’s License or Non-Driver’s License, Medicare Cards and Railroad Retirement Cards. Significant advanced public notice will be provided before SEPTA stops accepting these forms of ID for senior travel.

Seniors who have not applied for a SEPTA Key Senior Photo ID Card can do so at a number of locations, including SEPTA Headquarters at 1234 Market Street and the offices of many local elected officials. Pennsylvania state representatives, senators and others are playing a major role in helping seniors apply, with their offices taking in more than 10,000 applications and photos to date. For more information about how and where to apply for a SEPTA Key Senior Photo ID Card, please visit

The launch of the SEPTA Key Senior Photo ID Card is the latest phase of the Early Adopters program. Since June, thousands of riders have purchased Weekly and Monthly TransPasses on SEPTA Key cards, which can be reloaded with passes online, over the phone and at station kiosks. Many riders are also experiencing the convenience of “Quick Trips” – single trip tickets for Market-Frankford and Broad Street Line service that can be purchased at station kiosks. Quick trips launched in September.

SEPTA will continue to phase-in additional Key features later this year and into 2017. For more information about SEPTA Key, please visit