SEPTA Key Early Adopters Program Expands With ‘Quick Trips’

SEPTA Key Early Adopters Program Expands With ‘Quick Trips’

Tickets For Single Rides On Sale At Kiosks In 18 Market-Frankford & Broad Street Line Stations; New Stations Will Be Added Weekly, Rollout Scheduled To Be Completed By Monday, Oct. 17

The SEPTA Key Early Adopters program has expanded to include “Quick Trips” — single trip tickets for Market-Frankford and Broad Street Line service that can be purchased at station kiosks. The addition of the Quick Trip feature gives riders the option to purchase their fare in the station without worrying about having a token or exact change beforehand.

A Quick Trip is a disposable magnetic strip ticket that customers can swipe at new Key turnstiles. A Quick Trip is valid for one-way travel from the station where it is purchased, and must be used on the day it is purchased. Station and date-of-purchase details are printed on the ticket.

There is no discount for a Quick Trip – the regular one-way transit cash fare of $2.25 applies. Also, a Quick Trip cannot be used in combination with a transfer. This new feature does, however, give riders added flexibility by allowing the use of debit and credit cards for single-trip purchases at station kiosks, and riders who use cash will receive change if they don’t have exact fare.

The following 18 stations currently offer Quick Trip purchases:

  • Market-Frankford Line: Erie-Torresdale; Dilworth Park; 15th Street (at Express 16th Street Entrances); 34th Street; 40th Street; Allegheny; Berks; Tioga; 63rd Street
  • Broad Street Line: AT&T Station; Walnut-Locust; Cecil B. Moore; Spring Garden; Tasker-Morris; Ellsworth-Federal; Erie; Girard; City Hall

Additional Quick Trip-Stations will be added weekly, with all offering Quick Trip purchases by Monday, Oct. 17. SEPTA Ambassadors will be at stations throughout the Quick Trip rollout to assist customers.

In addition to Quick Trips, SEPTA is continuing with sales of Key cards loaded Weekly and Monthly TransPasses at selected sales office locations. These transit pass products are valid for travel on subway lines, city and suburban bus routes and trolleys. During this part of the Early Adopter Program, there is no additional charge for the Key card, so customers only pay the regular cost of the pass product.

Early Adopters are the first to experience some of the benefits of the SEPTA Key. For example, SEPTA Key card holders do not have to go out and get a new TransPass every week or month — the contactless card can be reloaded online, at fare kiosks and over the phone. Early Adopter participants can also register their cards to protect against loss or theft.

For more information about the Key, including the timeline for the Quick Trip rollout, a detailed FAQ and other details, visit