SEPTA Key Added to the Official SEPTA App

SEPTA Key Added to the Official SEPTA App

Customers Can Purchase Fares, Check Balances, Trip History & More

The Official SEPTA App has been updated to include the SEPTA Key, giving customers the ability to manage their accounts and purchase fares with the tap of an icon. The Official SEPTA App also provides real-time travel updates, schedules and other tools for customers.

“SEPTA is excited to offer customers the option of managing their Key Card account through the Official SEPTA App,” said SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey D. Knueppel. “Our goal is to bring everything customers need into one convenient app, and this is a major step forward.”

Beta testing for this new feature was successfully completed earlier this summer. As of today, all customers have the option of adding their Key Card account information to the Official SEPTA App.

After opening the App, customers can tap the SEPTA Key icon in the upper right-hand corner to login to their SEPTA Key account. Users have the option of staying permanently logged on while using the App, or logging on with each session. There are also options for customizing how Key Account information is displayed.

Once logged in, customers have access to many of the same tools and features that are available on the SEPTA Key e-commerce site. Through the app, customers can:

  • See their Travel Wallet balance
  • Passholders can check how many trips are remaining on their weekly, monthly or one-day pass
  • Add Travel Wallet funds or purchase a pass
  • Review their trip history
  • Set up autoload for Travel Wallet or pass products

The Official SEPTA App is available as a free download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Customers looking for the App should search for “Official SEPTA App” and look for the SEPTA logo.

For more information about the Official SEPTA App, including instructions on how to download it and update existing downloads to the latest version, please visit

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