SEPTA Honors Operators on International Transit Driver Appreciation Day

SEPTA Honors Operators on International Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Passengers Encouraged to Say "Thanks" to All Operators, as Authority Celebrates Longest Serving

Have you thanked your transit operator recently? If not,here’s your chance to show your appreciation.

Wednesday, March 18th is International Transit Driver Appreciation Day. Riders across the world are asked to take an extra moment to recognize their favorite operators, and to thank them for a job well done in getting them safely to their destinations every day.

SEPTA is fortunate to have an exceptional group of operators who are hard workers always dedicated to safety and professionalism. “They are the faces of SEPTA, and they are appreciated, valued, and respected,” said Michael R. Liberi, Chief Surface Transportation Officer.

The list below represents 16 of our longest serving transit operators with a combined 625 years of service to our passengers:

Welton Cannon, 48-year SEPTA Veteran. He is SEPTA’s longest serving surface operator and has awarded for safe driving more than 18 times. He currently operates Route 27.

Terry “Tomato” Bell has been with the authority for 43 years. He has been recognized as safe operator over 30 times. He currently operates Route 40.

Gregory Tucker is a 42-year SEPTA Veteran currently assigned to the Allegheny District.

James Moore is a familiar face to riders on the Route 10 Trolley, which he has operated continuously for the past 25 years. He is marking 42 years of employment with the Authority.

George Lang, 42 years of service recalls most of his riders being in a “great mood” aboard his trips on Route 70, with one even bringing along a banjo to entertain customers along the line.

Roland Wearne, 42 year veteran operator. He is a fixture on Bus Routes 28 and 70.

Robert Horn has been a consistent presence as an operator on Route 88 for the past ten years and is marking 41 years of service with SEPTA.

Robert Colburn Jr., also with 41 years of service, has received more than 30 safe driving recognitions and numerous customer commendations. He is an operator on Route 79.

Mingo Wilson, 40 years of service. He currently operates Route 57.

John Pogson, first began driving for SEPTA at the age of 20 and is currently marking his 40th year of service. He operates Route 77.

Zenon “John” Rinylo, 37 year SEPTA Veteran has won the authority’s Bus Roadeo over 20 times, and has also won multiple state & international championships. He currently operates Route 12.

George Bodine, marking 36 years with SEPTA operated various bus lines in his career, but has spent most of his career on Trolley Routes 101 & 102.

Robert Tracey has 35 years of service with SEPTA, most on the Norristown High Speed Line and is now a yardmaster at the Victory District.

David Viglione, 34 years veteran. Currently working routes serving Bucks County, he also enjoys time on two wheels as an active supporter of the annual cycle ride for Muscular Dystrophy.

Falos Akers, 31 year SEPTA veteran. Currently assigned to the Frontier District.

Dennis Doherty, a regular on SEPTA’s Route 34 Trolley is marking 31 years of service and enjoys the job so much that he usually selects a six day work schedule.

Liberi commended all of the operators for outstanding service to the authority and its customers. “It is through their efforts that SEPTA is able to maintain a high level of customer service, and meet and surpass our customers’ expectations.”

In addition to offering greetings to operators on Wednesday, passengers are encouraged to share thank you messages on social media. Images that can be shared and re-tweeted are now available on SEPTA’s Facebook Page, our @ISEPTAPHILLY Twitter and Instagram Accounts, and on our @septa_social customer service feed.