SEPTA Honors Operators On International Bus Driver Appreciation Day

SEPTA Honors Operators On International Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Veteran Employees From Throughout SEPTA System Recognized For Safety & Dedication

Today is International Bus Driver Appreciation Day, and SEPTA would like to take time to note the efforts of some of its stand-out bus operators.

Covering all nine of SEPTA’s surface operating areas, these veteran employees are widely known in the authority as hard-workers, dedicated to safety, and carry themselves with the utmost professionalism. SEPTA would like to recognize them for a job well done, and asks the public to take a little time to thank all the operators who get them to their destinations every day.

– Welton Cannon, 47-year SEPTA veteran. He has been recognized with safe operator awards 19 times, and currently operates the Route 27.

– Johnnie Singleton, 38 years of service at SEPTA, has been recognized for safe operations 27 times. He also operates the Route 27.

– Terry “Tomato” Bell has been with the authority 41 years. He has been recognized 32 times as a safe operator, and was also named the Callowhill District Operator of the Year in 2011. He currently works on the Route 40.

– Robert L. Alexander, 39-year veteran, was Callowhill’s Operator of the Year in 2012. He’s been recognized for safe operations 35 times, and currently operates the Route 46.

– George John Borowiec, 38 years on the road with SEPTA’s customers. He’s received multiple accommodations and commendations for safe operations.

– Bernard Eckenrode, a 39-year veteran, has numerous accommodations for safe operation and outstanding performance.

– Lawrence Roberson, 31 years at SEPTA. He is a peer mentor at the Elmwood District, and currently operates the Route 34.

– Aaron Shelton, 27-year veteran. Outstanding record for safety and performance. Currently works on the Route 11.

– Robert Buggy, 40 years’ service, 28 years of recognition for safe operations. He runs the Route 88 bus, and will begin enjoying retirement next year.

– Richard Borowiec, a 40-year veteran with 28 years of safety honors. He runs the Route 59.

– Thomas Slaven, 34 years honored for safe operations. He operates the Route 73.

– John Becker has 34 years worth of honors for safe operations. He operates the Route 66.

– David Viglione, 33 years of service with an outstanding safety record. Currently working Routes 127 and 128.

– David Harris, 26 years of service with 23 years of safe operations recognition. He can be found operating routes 129, 130, and 133.

– Robert Downer, 43 years of service, with multiple safety recognitions. He works on the Route 56.

– Stephen Vaughn, 35 years of service and 30 years of safe driving. He is currently on the Route 61.

– Robert Colburn Jr., 39 years of service, 31 years of safe driving recognition and numerous accommodations. He operates the Route 64.

– Kevin Baldwin, 41 years of service and the same number of safety awards. He is a yardmaster at Victory District.

Michael R. Liberi, SEPTA’s Chief Surface Transportation Officer, commended all of the operators for outstanding service to the authority and its customers.

“It is through their efforts that SEPTA is able to maintain a high level of customer service, and meet and surpass our customers expectations,” Liberi said. “They are the faces of SEPTA, and they are appreciated, valued and respected.”