SEPTA Celebrates National Transit Drivers

SEPTA Celebrates National Transit Drivers

Appreciation Day with Special Contest

Transporting more than a million commuters daily is not always an easy job. For hours on end, SEPTA Transit and Rail operators navigate through tricky traffic, wrangle through rough weather conditions and help passengers get where they need to go?all as safely and efficiently as possible.

To celebrate those employees who get riders from point A to point B and beyond, SEPTA is celebrating National Transit Driver Appreciation Day today. In recognition of their service customers can show their appreciation by entering a special contest.

“Our operators experience a lot of challenges throughout their day, but still perform their various duties with the utmost professionalism and diligence day in and day out and we wanted to take this opportunity to let them know that we appreciate all of their hard work,” said SEPTA General Manager, Jeffrey D. Knueppel.

To participate customers can visit and submit their words of appreciation. The top 11 entries will be selected for prizes with the Grand Prize being an April Anywhere TrailPass. In addition, 10 runner-ups will receive a SEPTA t-shirt.

To date SEPTA has received more than 100 entries from various customers sharing their positive experiences and appreciation, such as this entry from Christopher:

“What can I say which hasn’t already been said by myself, as well as the innumerable masses whom take SEPTA on a daily weekly, monthly, or yearly basis!? Not to mention tourists, and/or first time transplants… SEPTA takes you places far beyond the reach of just the inner city depths. Whether I am taking the trolleys and busses in the city, or whether I am going to the suburbs via the NHSL or the Regional Rail, I tend to enjoy the ride thanks to the operators and conductors, so I just have to say thank you for 26 years of excellence. Safety to and from the various places I had resided in the city over the years is one of the reasons I can say thank you. Thanks!”

The contest ends March 25.