SEPTA Board Approves Five-Year Strategic Business Plan

SEPTA Board Approves Five-Year Strategic Business Plan

Focus: Think Critically About Future While Addressing Transit System's Needs

The SEPTA Board today approved a Five Year Strategic Business Plan for Fiscal Years 2015-2019 at The plan is designed to serve as a blueprint for capital improvements, customer service enhancements, ridership growth and other initiatives.

With last November’s passage of Act 89, the state’s new comprehensive solution for transportation funding, SEPTA is embarking on a number of projects to catch up on its $5 billion backlog of critical capital projects, such as bridge replacements, power substation overhauls and new vehicle purchases.

The five-year plan has been shaped to articulate the authority’s vision for the future, focusing on the central themes of innovation, integration and renewal.

With innovation, SEPTA looks to shape business models that are adaptable to ever-changing technological and societal circumstances; integration aims to connect the region’s mobility options; and renewal focuses on accelerating core infrastructure development. Corporate objectives such as safety, state of good repair and sustainability are prominent within each area.

“The financial support we’re receiving thanks to Act 89 enables us to think critically about our vision for the future and address current needs,” said SEPTA General Manager Joseph M. Casey. “At the same time, we have to remain effective and efficient as we deliver service to our customers. This five-year plan provides guidance to help ensure we live within our means and properly manage our financial resources and assets, while also looking to ensure safety, expand ridership and rebuild SEPTA for the future.”

The SEPTA Board’s approval of the plan follows public meetings on the proposal and a public comment period earlier this year.

The Five Year Strategic Business Plan is available at in the Reports section of SEPTA’s website.