SEPTA Board Approves Fare Restructuring Plan

SEPTA Board Approves Fare Restructuring Plan

Includes Free Fares for Children Under 12, One Free Transfer & Other Improvements

The SEPTA Board today approved a Fare Restructuring Plan that includes free rides for children under 12, one free transfer for Transit trips, and the introduction of new SEPTA Key three-day passes in the fall. The plan was approved as part of the Fiscal Year 2021 Operating Budget and Fiscal Years 2022-2026 Financial Projections.

The Restructuring Plan originally announced before the COVID-19 crisis was adjusted in response to public feedback and to help customers during the region’s recovery. All proposed increases will be re-evaluated and deferred until at least January 2021.

“As people return to work and their normal routines, safe and reliable public transportation is going to play a critical role,” said SEPTA Board Chairman Pasquale T. Deon Sr. “The changes in the Fare Restructuring Plan will help our riders during this difficult time and aid in the region’s recovery.”

The plan has remained focused on equity, affordability, and ease-of-travel for customers, even as the financial challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic mounted. Revisions since the plan was first introduced in early March ( include elimination of child fares for Transit and Regional Rail, extending the window of time for customers to use a transfer, and committing to advancing the benefits of the plan while delaying any fare increases.

“We have adapted the Fare Restructuring Plan to meet the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic while staying focused on the goals of improving equity, and better meeting the needs of low-income communities and families,” said SEPTA General Manager Leslie S. Richards. “I am extremely proud of the effort that our staff has put in to developing this plan, and we are encouraged by the thoughtful public dialogue that has surrounded this process.”

Below is a summary of the Fare Restructuring Plan and changes that go into effect July 1:

  • All children under the age of 12 traveling with a fare-paying adult will be able to ride for free on all modes, system-wide.
  • One free transfer: Customers who use Travel Wallet on SEPTA Key will get one free transfer per trip, resulting in a savings of $1.
  • Extended Transfer Time-Frame: Customers will have up to two hours from the start of their trip to use a transfer, which is a 30-minute increase compared to the current 90-minute window.
  • There is no increase in the $2.50 cash fare for Transit. Current cash customers are encouraged to get a Key Card so that they can receive the free transfer.
  • New Three-Day Passes: SEPTA will advance development of new three-day passes, with rollout expected in the fall. The passes will be designed to provide new options for workers and other customers who ride SEPTA less than five days a week.
  • Fares for Disabled Riders: The fare for riders with disabilities remains unchanged at $1.25 for those who use a SEPTA Key Card, and will now include one free transfer.
  • Fares for CCT Paratransit/Shared Ride remain unchanged at $4.25.

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