SEPTA Announces Suburban Station Technology Partnership with Verizon

SEPTA Announces Suburban Station Technology Partnership with Verizon

Deal Brings New Digital Travel Boards, Premium Wireless Retail Store & Other Enhancements for Customers; Delivers Revenue for SEPTA's Operating Costs

Three new state-of-the-art video schedule boards are among the improvements at Suburban Station under agreement with Verizon that is delivering customer service upgrades and generating new advertising revenue for SEPTA.

“SEPTA is proud to announce this innovative partnership with Verizon,” said SEPTA General Manager Joseph M. Casey. “The experience for our riders will be greatly improved with amenities Verizon is bringing to Suburban Station. In addition, the advertising revenue this deal generates will go directly toward SEPTA’s operating costs, helping our bottom-line.”The SEPTA-Verizon Technology Partnership for Suburban Station is the result of a long-term contract between Verizon and Titan, which sells advertising at SEPTA stations, on vehicles and other Authority properties.

Video boards – Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall Systems made by Planar Systems, Inc. – have been installed at the west and northeast concourses, and at the ticket booth. The screens provide riders with information about train schedules, travel updates and weather reports. Planar is widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of video walls designed for these types of public displays, which utilize multiple cutting-edge, ultra-narrow LCDs to deliver high-definition images.

The partnership with Verizon is consistent with SEPTA’s mandate to seek alternative sources to help pay for operating expenses. In passing recent legislation for transportation funding in Pennsylvania, state lawmakers have called on SEPTA and other transit agencies to bolster advertising and other non-fare revenues.

In response, SEPTA has worked closely with Titan, the leading transit advertising agency in the country, on a groundbreaking campaign to bring in additional advertising dollars.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for both SEPTA and Verizon,” said Jon Roche, Titan’s General Manager Vice President for the Philadelphia Region. “This partnership with SEPTA will give exceptional and indelible branding for Verizon in the heart of Center City Philadelphia.”

Today’s announcement about the partnership also coincides with the 11:00 am grand opening of a new Verizon store in Suburban Station – A Wireless – a premium wireless retailer and exclusive Verizon agent.

The store offers Philadelphia-area commuters and visitors the option to explore the latest wireless and broadband technology. It will also be a nice addition to the broad array of shops already in the station that make for a great customer shopping experience for those traveling through the concourse.

“We are in the business of providing innovative solutions that keep people connected. This newest store will serve heavily traveled Suburban Station, making it convenient for consumers and SEPTA commuters looking for cutting-edge wireless technology to enhance their lifestyles,” said Mike Willsey,Director of Agent Retail Location for Verizon Wireless.