SEPTA Announces New Storm Policy

SEPTA Announces New Storm Policy

Designed To Enhance Service For Customers During Severe Weather

With the approach of a major snow storm, SEPTA is implementing a new policy regarding transit operations during severe weather.

Previously, the policy had been to operate every route until conditions forced a halt. This policy has often left passengers stranded in vehicles, or waiting at transit stops or stations for vehicles that never arrive. This is obviously uncomfortable and potentially dangerous for our customers and employees.

New technology enables the SEPTA Control Center to constantly monitor the precise movement and location of virtually every vehicle in our fleet, thus as severe weather moves into the region we are able to immediately identify trouble spots in time to alert the public through web communications and the news media. System status will be constantly updated on the SEPTA web site.

SEPTA’s Customer Service Department will also extend its hours of operation, staying open from 7 am to 8 pm. On Saturday and Sunday. Customers can talk to a representative by calling 215-580-7800.

While only the very worst winter storms in recent history have actually required the cancellation of many routes, and indeed, most systems have continued to operate in severe weather, the new policy calls for the cancellation of service – by individual routes – before conditions force a halt to service.

When the decision to halt a line is made, the goal is to alert customers via web communications and the news media at least an hour before service is actually stopped, enabling them to make alternate plans and not expose them to the weather.