SEPTA Announces New Christmas Eve Schedule for Regional Rail Riders

SEPTA Announces New Christmas Eve Schedule for Regional Rail Riders

Customers asked to adjust travel plans

Anticipating that the travel demand on December 24th will mirror that of past years, SEPTA has released a special Christmas Eve midday schedule to better accommodate customers and improve travel times during the holiday.

The special schedule was created in response to the massive crowd formed during the past two Christmas Eves when workers, who were released early, attempted to depart from Center City stations at noon instead of the typical two-hour evening peak period. Since SEPTA’s regular midday schedules are not equipped to accommodate a rush hour crowd, many trains were packed. Customers who tried to leave at noon were unable to board the crowded trains and had to wait for other early afternoon trains.

“This year we are encouraging everyone to consider adjusting their travel plans a little bit, both those leaving early and those that work their normal shifts,” Kim Scott Heinle, Assistant General Manager of Customer Service and Advocacy said. “In doing so, we hope to get everyone home in a safe and timely manner to enjoy the Christmas holiday with their families.”

Under the special schedule, SEPTA is shifting resources and rescheduling nine trains that normally operate during the peak evening rush (4:50 pm – 6:03 p.m.) to operate earlier (12:24 pm – 12:40 p.m.) than regularly scheduled. These trains will not operate at their regularly scheduled times and customers will have to take the next available train to complete their trips home.

Current Train #Current DepartureNew Train #New Departure
Trenton 97454:50 pm979912:24 pm
Warminster 64445:02 pm649812:10 pm
Norristown 62485:05 pm620012:13 pm
Thorndale 95615:08 pm959512:10 pm
Newark 92515:09 pm920112:16 pm
West Trenton 63785:14 pm630012:25 pm
Elwyn 93655:22 pm930112:13 pm
Doylestown 65765:11 pm650012:17 pm
Malvern 95696:03 pm959912:40 pm

The special schedule is also available at Riders can also contact SEPTA Customer Service representatives at (215) 580-7800.