Save More, Do More with SEPTA’s Commuter’s Choice

Save More, Do More with SEPTA’s Commuter’s Choice

New Ad Campaign Details How SEPTA Program Can Help Riders Reach Dream Destinations

SEPTA can get you to work, but did you know it can also help take you to your vacation destination? A new advertising campaign for SEPTA’s Commuter’s Choice tells riders how, by enrolling in the transportation benefit program offered through their employers, they can save up to $900 a year – an amount that can send them on a nice holiday.

SEPTA’s Commuter’s Choice offers programs for employers who want to provide transit discounts for their workers. Under Federal Tax Code 132F, employees who take advantage of a Commuter’s Choice program can receive up to $245 per month as a tax-free benefit toward their transportation costs, covering the entire cost of SEPTA riders’ weekly and monthly passes, pre-tax.

In addition to the tax break, workers whose employers offer the ComPass program save 10 percent on their SEPTA passes and receive their passes directly at their workplace.

“Our employees who participate in the Commuter’s Choice program appreciate the discount, as well as the convenience of getting their passes hand delivered without the hassle of joining long lines,” said Olive L. George, Human Resources Generalist for Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP.

And while taking advantage of Commuter’s Choice might bring visions of tropical vacations and ski trips to the minds of SEPTA riders, passengers aren’t the only ones who reap rewards. By offering a Commuter’s Choice program, employers save up to $200 per employee in FICA-related taxes annually. “Commuter’s Choice is a great program to add to employees’ benefits packages,” said Jennifer Scimone, SEPTA Senior Sales Development Specialist. “The pre-tax savings can be substantial over the course of the year – and the programs are simple to administer.”

“The discount and other advantages our company gets from participating in the program is also a big plus,” added George. “Hassle free ordering and early pass delivery is also a great perk!”

Information on SEPTA’s Commuter’s Choice is available online at The sooner you and your employer enroll in the program, the sooner you could be leaving the train or bus behind for a plane to your dream getaway.