‘Quick Trips’ Now Available at All Market-Frankford & Broad Street Line Stations

‘Quick Trips’ Now Available at All Market-Frankford & Broad Street Line Stations

Tickets For One-Way, Single Rides On Sale At Station Kiosks

SEPTA is excited to announce that customers can now purchase a “Quick Trip” for travel from any SEPTA Market-Frankford or Broad Street Line/Broad Ridge Spur station. This feature, which is part of the SEPTA Key Early Adopters program, expands customers’ options for purchasing fares — without worrying about having a token or exact change beforehand.

SEPTA first launched the Quick Trip — a single ride, magnetic stripe ticket for Market-Frankford and Broad Street Line service — at a limited number of stations on Sept. 26. It was phased in at additional locations each week, with the final stations coming online today. More than 15,000 Quick Trips have already been purchased by customers at SEPTA Key station kiosks.

The Quick Trip adds flexibility for riders by allowing them to use credit and debit cards for a single trip at station kiosks. The kiosks also give customers change if they use cash and don’t have exact fare.

As more customers begin to use Quick Trips, SEPTA would like to remind customers that:

  • A Quick Trip is valid only for one-way travel from the station where it is purchased.
  • A Quick Trip ticket must be used on the day it is purchased. Station and date-of-purchase details are printed on the ticket.
  • There is no discount for a Quick Trip — the regular one-way transit cash fare of $2.25 applies.
  • A Quick Trip cannot be used in combination with a discounted transfer. Customers who use transfers should continue to purchase their fares from cashiers, just as they do now.
  • A Quick Trip ticket must be swiped through the magnetic card reader on a new SEPTA Key turnstile (the turnstiles with the red validator pad).

For more information about Quick Trips, including a new video and FAQs, visit https://www.septa.org/key/index.html.

Quick Trips are the latest feature to be rolled out to customers as part of the SEPTA Key Early Adopters program. SEPTA is also continuing with sales of Key cards loaded Weekly and Monthly TransPasses at selected sales office locations. These transit pass products are valid for travel on subway lines, city and suburban bus routes and trolleys. During this part of the Early Adopter Program, there is no additional charge for the Key card, so customers only pay the regular cost of the pass product.

SEPTA will continue to phase-in additional Key features later this year and into 2017. For more information about SEPTA Key, please visit https://www.septa.org/key/index.html.