Over 2,000 Customers Join SEPTA Key ‘Early Adopters’ Program for Regional Rail

Over 2,000 Customers Join SEPTA Key ‘Early Adopters’ Program for Regional Rail

Sales of New Cards for Regional Rail Temporarily Stopped to Allow for Performance Evaluation; Existing Cards Can Continue To Be Reloaded With Weekly & Monthly TrailPasses

Since its launch in August, the “Early Adopters” program for the SEPTA Key on Regional Rail has resulted in over 2,000 customers in Zones 3 and 4 purchasing Key Cards loaded with Weekly or Monthly TrailPasses. Now, similar to how Key was rolled out on Transit modes, SEPTA will temporarily stop sales of new Key Cards for Regional Rail to evaluate the results of the Early Adopters program and make preparations for further expansion.

SEPTA would like to thank customers who are participating in the Regional Rail Early Adopters program, and encourage them to continue reloading their Key Cards with Weekly and Monthly TrailPasses. To date, there have been more than 5,000 reloads of Regional Rail passes on Key Cards for Zones 3 and 4. Passes can be reloaded online at www.septakey.org, at Center City Regional Rail Stations or by calling the SEPTA Key Customer Service Center at (855) 567-3782. Customers are also reminded to go online or call to register their Key Card to protect it in the event of loss or theft.

Please note: Sales of legacy magnetic stripe TrailPasses for all Regional Rail zones will continue as normal at SEPTA Regional Rail Sales Offices – outlying ticket offices and Center City . There are also no changes to the sales and reloading of Key Cards for Transit modes, including buses, trolleys, the Market-Frankford, Broad Street and Norristown High Speed Lines.

SEPTA launched the Key Early Adopters program for Regional Rail on Aug. 1, starting with Zone 4 Monthly TrailPasses. The program expanded to Zone 4 Weekly TrailPasses in September, and then Weekly and Monthly TrailPasses for Zone 3 in October.

SEPTA will now examine the core functions and activities of the Key on Regional Rail, including the new turnstiles at Center City Stations, handheld validators used by conductors and platform validators at Zone 3 and 4 stations. SEPTA will also review comments and feedback from riders to look for ways to enhance the customer experience moving forward.

For more information about the SEPTA Key, visit www.septa.org/key.

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