Norristown High Speed Line SEPTA Key Turnstiles Go Into Service on Monday, Jan. 7

Norristown High Speed Line SEPTA Key Turnstiles Go Into Service on Monday, Jan. 7

69th Street & Norristown Transportation Centers 5:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Weekdays

Starting Monday, Jan. 7, SEPTA Key turnstiles will go into service for Norristown High Speed Line riders boarding at 69th Street and Norristown Transportation Centers. The change is part of the transition to the SEPTA Key.

The turnstiles will be activated between 5:30 am and 9 pm. Monday through Friday. During late night and early morning hours, and on weekends, customers will continue to pay fares on board the train. Also, customers boarding at stations in between 69th Street and Norristown will continue to pay upon boarding at all times.

To enter through the turnstiles at 69th Street and Norristown between 5:30 am – 9 pm. On weekdays, customers can pay as follows:

  • SEPTA Key Card loaded with pass or Travel Wallet funds; tap at the validator
  • Senior Free Rides: Tap SEPTA Key Senior ID at validator or swipe valid driver’s license with magnetic stripe at the turnstile
  • Riders with Disabilities: Tap the SEPTA Key Reduced Fare ID at the fare validator
  • Quick Trip: Purchase ticket from a fare kiosk and swipe at the turnstile reader; customers using cash, tokens or credit/debit cards must purchase a Quick Trip from a kiosk to gain entry through turnstiles (Reminder: Quick Trips are not valid on buses or trolleys)
  • Legacy SEPTA Passes with magnetic stripe: Swipe at the turnstile reader
  • SEPTA Key Partner Pass: Tap pass at the turnstile validator

For more information on the SEPTA Key, visit

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