New SEPTA Transit Schedules Go Into Effect Nov. 15-16

New SEPTA Transit Schedules Go Into Effect Nov. 15-16

Market-Frankford & Broad Street Line Overnight Weekend Service Switches to Buses to Allow for Station Cleaning; Mid-Day Local Service Enhancements for Broad Street Line

SEPTA will bus overnight weekend service on the Market-Frankford and Broad Street Lines to allow time for station cleaning, and enhance midday Broad Street Line local service during the week, under new Transit schedules that will go into effect on Sunday and Monday, Nov. 15-16. Transit services include all SEPTA buses, trolleys and subways.

SEPTA would like to stress to customers that full weekend overnight service will continue with the switch from rail to bus along the Market-Frankford (MFL) and Broad Street (BSL) Lines. Service frequency will improve – with buses running every 15 minutes between 12:30 am and 5:30 am, compared to every 20 minutes with trains. Overnight buses will stop at all stations along both lines. This is the same service that operates along the MFL and BSL during weekday overnights.

With the lines shut down during overnight hours, SEPTA crews will be able to perform concentrated station cleanings, similar to what has been put into place on weekdays during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The schedule change also restores some service, mainly on buses, for students returning to school – similar to typical fall and spring schedules. In addition, to better serve riders, SEPTA will enhance midday local service on the Broad Street Line so that trains run at least every seven minutes. Express service will operate before 10 am and resume at 2 pm. Service levels during peak commute times will not be changed.

This schedule change also furthers SEPTA’s efforts to communicate service frequency information to customers. Service on routes designated as operating 15-15-5 (15 minutes or less, 15 hours a day, 5 days per week) will be maintained within these guidelines under this schedule change.

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