New SEPTA Regional Rail Line Schedules Go Into Effect Sunday, Dec. 13

New SEPTA Regional Rail Line Schedules Go Into Effect Sunday, Dec. 13

Changes to Airport Line Timetable Designed to Enhance Service Reliability for All Rail Riders

New SEPTA Regional Rail Line schedules will go into effect on Sunday, Dec. 13. The new schedules, designed to enhance service reliability, will affect all Regional Rail Lines, with the most noticeable changes occurring on the Airport, Warminster and West Trenton Lines.
Schedules are available for download at

The Airport Line is currently linked to the authority’s West Trenton and Warminster Regional Rail Lines, two very long service lines. Service problems SEPTA experiences between West Trenton or Warminster and Philadelphia impact the Airport Line, which can cascade and cause delays to trains that are normally running on time.

Beginning Dec. 13, the Airport Line will no longer continue through service to Warminster or West Trenton on weekdays. By splitting from the branched lines and making a number of other timing changes, the authority will increase service reliability across the board for Regional Rail customers.

Highlights of the new Airport Regional Rail Line schedule include:

  • Weekday trains will depart a few minutes ahead of current scheduled train times.
  • Weekday trains scheduled between 6:00 am and 9:30 am, and from 3:30 pm and 7:00 pm,
  • will only operate between Temple University and Airport stations. Early morning and late night service will remain the same.
  • Weekday trains scheduled between 9:25 am and 3:00 pm, and after 7:00 pm, will only operate between Jenkintown-Wyncote and Airport Stations.
  • Warminster and West Trenton Line Trains which previously traveled to the Airport on weekdays will no longer operate direct service to University City and the Airport. West Trenton or Warminster Line customers traveling to University City Station can transfer to an Airport, Media/Elwyn or Wilmington/Newark line train at Jefferson or Suburban Station to complete their trips.

Customers should check, or look for signage posted at stations for additional service and boarding information. To view changes to their train lines and download new schedules, passengers can visit Schedules on all Regional Rail Lines will change beginning Sunday, Dec. 13. Customers can also stay connectef by following their Regional Rail Lines on Twitter: