New Norristown Transportation Center Bus Terminal Open For Business

New Norristown Transportation Center Bus Terminal Open For Business

Bieber Tourways Offers Cross-Country Travel Access From SEPTA Transit Hub

NORRISTOWN, PA – New York. Washington, D.C., Los Angeles. All major destinations you’d expect to find on a travel menu – provided you’re at an airport or big-city transportation hub.

Montgomery County residents, however, now have these travel options available at SEPTA’s Norristown Transportation Center, thanks to a partnership with Bieber Tourways, Inc. Bieber, a private, nationwide coach operator, recently opened a bus terminal in the center’s new garage.

Bieber, SEPTA, state, county and city officials gathered with community members and other local dignitaries for a ribbon cutting at the Bieber Terminal on Tuesday, March 22, 2011.

“The addition of the Bieber Tourways Terminal offers exciting new travel options at the Norristown Transportation Center,” said SEPTA General Manager Joseph M. Casey. “SEPTA is proud to be part of the effort that made this possible.”

Plans for a private bus terminal offering nationwide travel options were included in plans for SEPTA’s 522-space parking garage at the Norristown Transportation Center, which opened in June 2008. Now – thanks to a unique, cooperative effort that included funding from the federal, state and local levels – riders can now embark on cross-country trips from the same facility they use for their daily commutes.

The Bieber Terminal opened its doors to customers in February 2011. Already, more than 900 passengers a week are boarding buses heading to major cities, college towns, and many points in-between. This bustling activity fits right in at the Norristown Transportation Center, which is one of SEPTA’s busiest transit hubs, serving 6,000 customers each weekday. It offers rail access to the Manayunk/Norristown Regional Rail Line, and the Norristown High Speed Line. SEPTA Bus Routes 90, 91, 93, 96, 97, 98, 99 and 131 also serve the Norristown Transportation Center.