First Shipment Of New Silverliner Rail Cars Arrives In Philadelphia

First Shipment Of New Silverliner Rail Cars Arrives In Philadelphia

Three completely outfitted Silverliner V Regional Rail pilot cars arrived by ship Sunday and were hoisted to the dock below and loaded onto flat-bed trucks at Packer Marine Terminal. From there they will be transported to Roberts Yard in Germantown for inspection and testing.

For approximately three months, the completed cars will undergo a series of extensive static and dynamic tests. Among the elements tested will be braking, propulsion, communication, cab signalization, climate control systems, and ride quality. The public will start to see some of the cars in revenue operation by late summer.

The cars, which cost $2.1 million each have traveled oversees from South Korea to the Philadelphia port. Delivered with the three pilot cars were nine bare Silverliner V car shells bringing the total to twenty seven carshells that have arrived to date to be completely outfitted here in the U.S.

“So much effort, planning, and design has gone into the production of these new Regional Rail cars,” said SEPTA General Manager, Joseph Casey. “To see this project go from concept to delivery of the pilots is tremendous.”

A total of 120 new cars have been ordered. The cars will replace 74 existing Silverliner II and III rail cars, which are currently over 40 years old. The cars will feature larger windows, wider aisles, an enhanced seating arrangement, and a state-of-the-art climate control system for passenger comfort. New and proven components have also been incorporated in the design of the Silverliner V. Final assembly of the new electric multiple-unit (EMU) cars is currently ongoing at the Hyundai-Rotem facility in South Philadelphia where up to 300 mechanics, electricians and supervisors will work on the completion of the cars.

The Silverliner V’s Regional Rail cars fully comply with American with Disabilities (ADA) requirements and each car can now accommodate two wheelchairs. The new cars also meet Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) passenger car strength and safety requirements.

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