Board Approves Route C Changes

Board Approves Route C Changes

Separate Route Patterns Reflected in Routes 4 & 16; Service to Remain at Current Levels

The SEPTA Board today approved renaming the Route C to reflect the different patterns under which its buses currently operate. The Route C name will be replaced by Route 4 and Route 16 with the release of new seasonal schedules on Sunday, February 19, 2012.

Currently, Route C buses operate on two different route patterns. One takes customers between Broad and Geary in South Philadelphia and 11th Street and Nedro Avenue in North Philadelphia. The other runs a route between City Hall and the Cheltenham and Ogontz Loop.

Having two distinct route patterns operating under one name can cause confusion for riders. SEPTA believes the Route C renaming will enhance communications with customers and improve service.

The change is in name only – routes 4 and 16 will operate with the same schedules and trip frequency currently covered by the two branches of Route C. There will be no service reductions; in fact, the Route 4 will extend service in South Philadelphia to AT&T Station at Broad and Pattison Avenue.

The service area covered by the new routes will include:

Route 4: Service between 11th and Nedro (Fern Rock Transportation Center) and AT&T Station (Broad and Pattison).

Route 16: Service between the Cheltenham and Ogontz Loop and City Hall.

SEPTA will be posting notices to let customers know about the Route C name change, and provide details about Route 4 and Route 16. Work will get underway soon to change signage, and timetables for routes 4 and 16 will be available in February with the next schedule change.