Bliss on the Bus, Romance on the Rails

Bliss on the Bus, Romance on the Rails

SEPTA Celebrates Valentine's Day with "Moving" Love Stories Contest

As the passengers huddled together on the platform waiting for the morning train, he scanned the crowd. Was she taking SEPTA’s 7:05 Chestnut Hill East to Center City today? He thought he saw her but wasn’t sure. Disappointed, he boarded the crowded train, searching for a seat. Then a smile from a familiar face caught his eye. “You can sit here,” she said, sliding over. It would be the first of many commutes they would share.

Do you have a similar story of romance on the rails? Has exchanging glances with a beautiful bus passenger blossomed into romance? If Cupid’s arrow struck your heart while you were riding on SEPTA, the authority wants to hear from you.

Now through February 6, riders who found new romance or re-connected with old flames on a SEPTA bus, train or trolley can submit their “moving” tales, photos and videos to the SEPTA Love Stories website, The public will vote for their favorite stories through February 6. The “SEPTA Sweethearts” with the most loved stories will win prizes, including an invitation to ride on the “Love Train” – a specially decorated Market-Frankford Line six-car train that takes passengers on a romantic ride with a perfect view of the Mural Arts Program’s “Love Letter Project” – and attend a VIP reception at SEPTA’s 1234 Market Street headquarters on Sunday, February 12.

For complete contest details, a list of prizes and instructions on how to upload stories, visit The public can also vote for their favorite SEPTA love story on the website.

The public can also purchase tickets to ride the Mural Arts Love Train on February 12. For details and to purchase tickets, visit