Regional Rail


Philadelphia has the best commuter rail infrastructure in North America. Our Regional Rail program will make investments that make Regional Rail more useful to more people, guided by the roadmap outlined in our upcoming Regional Rail Master Plan, Reimagining Regional Rail.

This program can transform mobility and opportunity for the region and reimagine the way Regional Rail serves Greater Philadelphia. The future of Regional Rail is frequent, all-day, and all-week.

Vision and Goals

SEPTA is pursuing a program of investments to facilitate frequent, all-day, and all-week services that:

SEPTA platform

Are easy to ride and easy to understand:

Prioritizing an intuitive rider experience, improved wayfinding and more simplified fares and clockface schedules will create a seamless, welcoming SEPTA system.

SEPTA platform 2

Are frequent and reliable:

New stations with high level platforms, new vehicles, and better staffing will create a more frequent, reliable, and predictable Regional Rail system that people can trust.

SEPTA regional rail

Are integrated with SEPTA Metro and bus:

Removing transfer fees and integrating fares between Regional Rail and other SEPTA services can create more opportunities to transfer between bus and rail transit increasing access to more destinations

Building a Lifestyle Transit Network

As part of our 12-year capital investment program, we’re making stations accessible, acquiring new vehicles, investing in communications, and upgrading services for our buses, Metro, and rail to deliver on our vision of easy to use, frequent, and integrated transit.

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