Ardmore Station Improvements


Ardmore Station will be rebuilt as part of the Station Accessibility Program, making it accessible to people with disabilities and easier to ride for seniors, small children and their families, and anyone who needs a little more help to get where they are going. Improvements will include ramp and elevator access, upgraded waiting areas, and fully high-level platforms, which will enhance the experience of taking Regional Rail to Ardmore or transferring from the many nearby bus routes.


  • Construction: In progress until Spring 2025


  • New, high-level, inbound and outbound platforms allowing for a seamless boarding process
  • New places to wait comfortably such as new passenger shelters and a renovated station building

Building a Lifestyle Transit Network

As part of our 12-year capital investment program, we’re making stations accessible, acquiring new vehicles, investing in communications, and upgrading services for our buses, Metro, and rail to deliver on our vision of easy to use, frequent, and integrated transit.

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