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SEPTA Key Advantage UPass

SEPTA’s universal transit program offers colleges and universities the ability to purchase deeply discounted All-Access Passes for students. Passes are purchased electronically and loaded onto participants’ Key cards. The monthly retail value of this pass is $204. Through UPass, participants receive up to an 80% discount on their passes. 

Applying for a Key Advantage UPass

  1. Email for the agreement and addendum. In the addendum, the total number of eligible students will need to be recorded. All eligible students must have the pass purchased for them whether they ride SEPTA or not. There are (2) exemptions: students that are permanently remote/online only, and students that are taking part in an exchange or study abroad that will keep them off-campus for the entire semester. The criteria for eligibility are:
  • Student Status – Schools may make UPass available to all part-time students, all full-time students, or all students regardless of status, provided that the institution is able to isolate the defined group for program participation.
  • Degree/Credential Type – Schools may choose to make UPass available to students based on their degree type (undergraduate, graduate/professional, PhD, or some other certificate or credential).
  • Campus Location – Colleges or universities with multiple locations can select a single campus OR multiple campuses. All students at the selected location(s) must be included in the eligible student population, whether they ride SEPTA or not. Campus locations outside of the SEPTA service area are automatically excluded.
  • Class or Cohort – Schools may choose to take a phased approach, offering the program to first-year students and expanding to a new first-year student cohort each subsequent year.
  1. Complete the online Partner Portal application. The Partner Portal account is needed to place bulk Key card orders and process monthly payments.

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SEPTA Key Semester Pass

SEPTA’s Key Semester Pass is an opt-in transit benefit program which offers discounted semester fare products to colleges and universities to load onto their students’ Key cards.

Applying for a Key Semester Pass

  1. Submitting an application:
  • Go to > Partner Program > Partner Program Application. Complete all fields.
  • Complete the ‘discount agreement’ PDF. The original will need to be mailed to your SEPTA Sales Specialist.
  • Create your username and password. Follow the instructions for creating your password. You will need to choose a security question and answer.
  1. Setting up a payment profile:
  • After the application has been submitted, a SEPTA Key Call Center representative will call the number submitted on the application to set up the payment profile.
  • After the payment profile has been set up, you can sign into the admin account and begin sending students the directions for linking their Key cards. ACH is the only accepted payment method for the Semester Pass Program. As part of setup, there will be a $1.00 nonrefundable test charge to the account.

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Reporting Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

Registered Key cards have balance protection. Fare or monies on the card can be transferred onto a new card if the card is ever lost, stolen or damaged.

To complete a card-to-card transfer, log into the SEPTA Key site, hotlist your old card, purchase a new card, and register it to your current Key card account.

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SEPTA Key is a reloadable, contactless chip card with a host of options for seamless travel.

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