Traveling with Children

Bus and Train Open Stroller Policy

SEPTA supports families, caregivers and our youngest riders by allowing open strollers onboard buses and trains. Strollers may be in the open position while riding, boarding and exiting SEPTA vehicles.

In a crowded bus (full seated load), operators may ask that a stroller be moved or folded. The priority seating area must be vacated to allow a person with a disability to board and ride.

Open strollers are not permitted on trolleys at this time due to accessibility constraints.

SEPTA Stroller Guidelines

  • In vehicles without special stroller accommodations, park open strollers in priority seating areas and use flip-up seats.
  • Yield priority seating spaces to persons with mobility limitations.
  • Secure the child within the stroller.
  • Engage stroller brakes.
  • Hold the stroller while on board.
  • Keep the aisle and doorways clear.

Strollers on the Bus

  • You may request the driver to kneel the bus or use the access ramp at stops that permit curb access. Not all bus stops permit curb access.
  • To avoid tipping your child out of the stroller, board the bus forward and leave the bus backward.
  • Make sure your stroller width is 24” or less to clear the aisle.
  • In priority seating areas, use flip-up seats by pulling the yellow handle of the seat toward you.

Strollers on the Train

  • When possible, board at doors with ADA signage.
  • Boarding trains from a low platform require strollers to be folded.
  • Strollers cannot use escalators in stations. Check elevator availability at stations.
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Contact Transit Police

The SEPTA Transit Watch app, available for Mac IOS and Android, lets you report incidents in seconds.

Emergency Call Boxes in subway stations put you in immediate contact with Transit Police.

To report an emergency, operator assault or suspicious situation and you do not have phone or call box access, notify a vehicle operator, conductor, or booth attendant immediately.


All children under age 12 ride free with a fare-paying adult. Fare-paying adult includes senior citizen and reduced/CCT fare customers.

SEPTA works with the various Southeastern Pennsylvania school districts to help eligible students get transportation to and from school only (valid for up to eight trips per school day, between 5:30 am and 8 pm). There is no cost to the students or their parent/guardians, as it is issued through the school. Learn more about the K-12 Student Pass Program.

Contactless Payment allows users to tap their credit card, debit card or mobile device (Apple Pay/Google Pay/Samsung Pay) to pay for travel on bus and SEPTA Metro (includes Broad Street Line [B], Market-Frankford Line [L], Norristown High Speed Line [M] & Trolley lines).

For more travel fare payment options, visit

Safety Tips and Fare Information Traveling with Children SEPTA

Safety Tips

  • Use the SEPTA Transit Watch App o discreetly report suspicious activity directly to the police. The app can send pictures, text messages, and locations of suspicious people or activities. When reporting an issue, users can select locations and report categories to assist the SEPTA Transit Police. Riders can also send reports anonymously if they choose.
  • Always hold your child’s hand when waiting for services or on board; help your child on and off the vehicle. Do not let your child wander. Transit areas are very busy.
  • Always keep your personal belongings with you while traveling on SEPTA buses, subways, trolleys, and trains. Before boarding or exiting vehicles, please take a moment to make sure you have all your possessions, including electronic devices, briefcases, purses, backpacks, packages or suitcases.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Most riders use the same travel pattern daily and become familiar with stations, vehicles, employees and fellow riders. Be alert for suspicious people or objects. If you are concerned, calmly tell a police officer or uniformed SEPTA employee. Never approach a suspicious person or touch a suspicious object.