Tasker-Morris Station Improvements


Tasker-Morris Station is a key transportation link, connecting South Philadelphia with the Broad Street Line [B] and multiple important bus routes. As part of SEPTA’s continued commitment to make all stations on the Broad Street Line [B] accessible within the next decade, Tasker-Morris Station will be renovated to make it easier to use and accessible for all. Tasker-Morris Station will be renovated to improve its accessibility for all SEPTA riders by constructing two new elevators and relocating entrances to make them more accessible.


  • Construction: Underway; Estimated Completion Summer 2024


  • Elevators connecting the station and platform to street level
  • Improving visibility and access by relocating a station entry stairway to Broad St

Building a Lifestyle Transit Network

As part of our 12-year capital investment program, we’re making stations accessible, acquiring new vehicles, investing in communications, and upgrading services for our buses, Metro, and rail to deliver on our vision of easy to use, frequent, and integrated transit.

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