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Buses are the lifeblood of the SEPTA system. They carry nearly half of all SEPTA riders and make up the majority of “service hours” across our region. While our bus network is rooted in history, with many of our buses running on the same routes that started out as streetcar and trolley lines a century ago, the way we travel now has changed a lot. We are redesigning the bus network to better match how people travel, aligning services with changes to the city and region, simplify bus routes to improve system legibility, and increase operational efficiency and effectiveness through improved speed and reliability. We’re investing in infrastructure improvements designed to make service faster and more reliable and are committed to transitioning to a Zero Emission Bus fleet.

Vision and Goals

Bus Revolution is focused on delivering an easier to use, more convenient and more reliable bus network informed by its riders by:

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Increasing and improving access to opportunity:

Buses are the lifeblood of the SEPTA system. By increasing frequency, simplifying routes, and improving wayfinding, we make the most-used portion of SEPTA’s services better for all – allowing folks to access the entire region for work, leisure, or exploration at any time.

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Prioritizing an intuitive rider experience through a seamless, simplified system:

A more straightforward network and less patterns means connecting within the bus network and to other modes like Regional Rail or Metro become easier, quicker, and better for our customers.

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Creating a reliable, predictable system that people can trust:

A more streamlined network that focuses on key corridors makes expectations clear to our customers and easier to operate, making SEPTA a more pleasant experience for all our riders.

Project Updates

Camera-Assisted Transit Enforcement PilotComplete ✓
Chestnut Street Bus LaneComplete ✓
Direct Bus BDesign
Market Street Bus LaneComplete ✓
Wissahickon Transportation CenterConstruction
Zero-Emission BusesPilot

Visit the Bus Revolution website to learn more about the proposed service changes.

Building a Lifestyle Transit Network

As part of our 12-year capital investment program, we’re making stations accessible, acquiring new vehicles, investing in communications, and upgrading services for our buses, Metro, and rail to deliver on our vision of easy to use, frequent, and integrated transit.

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