Personal Care Attendants

ADA Paratransit Service customers may register to bring one free Personal Care Attendant on CCT Connect. The Personal Care Attendant may ride with the customer at no additional charge on any fixed-route service, except Regional Rail.

SEPTA provides Personal Care Attendants a CCT photo ID card upon approval. When boarding, show the card to the operator or cashier.

To apply for an attendant to ride for free, bring your current CCT ID card and a valid, state-issued ID to SEPTA Headquarters at 1234 Market Street, Concourse Level. You will need to complete a Personal Care Attendant verification form and exchange your current CCT ID card for the new card.

Senior citizens who are Shared Ride Program customers and travel with an escort may be eligible. To determine eligibility, apply for the ADA Paratransit Service

FAQs for Personal Care Attendants

That is through the Attendant Transportation Service, which is arranged through the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging. CCT provides the service under contract to the PCA.

It is not part of the federally required ADA transportation services or the SRP program. Call the PCA Helpline at 215-765-9040 for information.