CCT Connect Eligibility and Registration

Shared-Ride Registration

To register for this program, you must complete the application form and provide one of the acceptable forms of proof of age. Once you have a completed application and proof of age documentation you can schedule an appointment to come to 1234 Market to receive your CCT Key card.

There are two ways to receive the application for the Shared-Ride program. You can request an application from CCT Connect Customer Service at 215-580-7145, prompt 6, or you can print out the form from the link provided. You must bring the completed application and a copy of proof of age to your appointment.

ADA Paratransit Registration

To begin ADA Paratransit Service registration, call CCT Connect Customer Service. You must be pre-screened by a customer service representative. The representative will mail you an application or you can print an application (PDF).

Once you return your completed application, a representative will schedule your functional assessment.

The assessment evaluates your physical or cognitive functional abilities. There is also an interview about your disability. Licensed professionals administer the tests. The assessment should take no more than an hour, and CCT will provide free transportation to and from the assessment site.

Within 21 days of CCT receiving your application, you will receive an eligibility determination. If you are eligible, you will receive a new ID card.

Eligibility Appeals

Riders must meet the established criteria to register for CCT programs.

Applicants have the right to an administrative appeal if they do not agree with an eligibility determination. For details, see the CCT Policies.

FAQs for CCT Connect Eligibility and Registration

Yes. You may be eligible for both programs.

CCT vehicles can pick you up and drop you off if you are able to get to and from a location within the CCT service area. You may use any SEPTA transit stop on the days and times that fixed route service goes to that stop.

Consider using a store or restaurant location where you can wait comfortably until the CCT vehicle arrives. When you call to reserve your trip, be sure to provide a phone number to contact you while you are away from home. Your home number will not be useful.

You may call CCT Connect Customer Service and request help. A staff person will call you back and read the questions to you over the phone. They will fill out the form and mail it to you for a signature. Your healthcare professional will still need to fill out your Functional Form, which you will return with the application.