Code of Conduct

To ensure that transit passengers enjoy a safe, secure, comfortable and inviting travel experience at all SEPTA stations and vehicles, please observe the following rules:

  • Customers shall treat other patrons and SEPTA representatives with respect and civility; allowing the use, operation, and enjoyment of the SEPTA system in a safe and efficient manner for all persons.
  • No person shall engage in harassment of any kind against SEPTA employees or passengers including sexual harassment, defined as any unwelcome physical, verbal, or written conduct of a sexual nature.
  • No person may interfere with the delivery of transit service.
  • No person shall obstruct the flow of pedestrian traffic at any public transportation facility or interfere with the safe and efficient operation of this facility.
  • No person may lie down, put their feet up, or place personal belongings on any bench or seat in a transit or railroad station including any associated concourse or platform.
  • No person or any of their personal belongings may occupy more than one seat.
  • No person may obstruct the free movement of any individual by lying, sitting or placing personal belongings on the platform floors, the concourses, the stairs or landings at a transit or railroad station.
  • No person may use the public restrooms at a transit or railroad station to change clothes, wash or rinse clothes or bathe, except to wash their hands or face.
  • No person shall smoke or vape on SEPTA property or in vehicles.
  • Use of SEPTA services and facilities is for transportation purposes only.
  • Pets are allowed on SEPTA property in standard sturdy pet carriers; this includes companion animals, therapy, comfort, mental health, or emotional support animals. Service animals can ride on board SEPTA.
  • Please remember to use the proper receptacles for trash disposal and recycling.
  • Repeated violations of the Code of Conduct may result in fines and a one-year ban from using the transit system. Those violating a ban order will be arrested and prosecuted for defiant trespass.

To report unsafe behavior, call SEPTA Transit Police at:
Text: 215-235-1911

SEPTA's Code of Conduct No Smoking or Vaping

No Smoking or Vaping.

SEPTA's Code of Conduct No Littering

No Littering.

SEPTA's Code of Conduct Do Not Occupy Multiple Seats

Do Not Occupy Multiple Seats.

SEPTA's Code of Conduct Do Not Block Doors, Hallways or Stairs

Do Not Block Doors, Hallways or Stairwells.

SEPTA's Code of Conduct Security Cameras in Use

Security Cameras in Use.

Treat Others with Respect.