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SCOPE’s mission is to make homelessness on the SEPTA system rare, brief and non-recurring, by creating an environment that is clean and safe for our customers. We aim to accomplish this by guiding our most vulnerable off the SEPTA system and into places of respite.

SEPTA cannot solve this societal public health crisis alone. SCOPE, our partners and the community can work together to make SEPTA safe for all.

To fully address this complex, societal problem, we believe that policy enforcement needs to play a role. Lasting solutions require the will and efforts of multiple partners and community leaders to clear the path of structural and systematic barriers.

Each one of us can be a part of the solution and continue to support our community and end homelessness.

How to Help the Vulnerable Population

  • If you encounter someone from the vulnerable population on SEPTA’s system, respect them as individuals and treat them with dignity.
  • If someone appears to be in crisis, contact SEPTA PD 215-580-8111.
  • Utilize one of SEPTA’s reporting tools to connect the individual with help or to report a safety issue. Resources include the SEPTA Transit Watch app, text a tip to 215-234-1911 or use the call box, located on station platforms, or the emergency alarms, located in vehicles, to alert the train operator.
  • Increase support and funding for low-barrier, transitional, permanent and affordable housing services in the five-county area.
  • Speak up and advocate for affordable housing, emergency shelters and homelessness prevention programs at neighborhood and public meetings.

Download the full plan (PDF) for additional ways you can join SEPTA in advocating and creating systematic solutions to reduce homelessness.

See Something - Say Something, Text a tip to 215-234-1911
SEPTA Transit Watch App