QuietRide Rail Cars

SEPTA’s Regional Rail service offers QuietRide cars on trains operating between 4 am and 7 pm weekdays. The QuietRide car is the first car of trains with three or more cars open to passengers.

Seating in the car is on a first-come, first-served basis. The conductor can direct you to the car if you have a question.

QuietRide Guidelines

  • Cell phones cannot be used for making or taking calls. Passengers may text message/IM providing all phone settings are set on vibrate or mute.
  • All other electronic devices must be placed on vibrate or mute.
  • Earphones must be used to listen to music. Set the volume low so that others cannot hear it.
  • Conversations with other passengers should be short and conducted in a whisper.

In the event of extreme weather or other operational conditions it may be necessary to suspend the QuietRide car designation for one or more trains. On-board announcements will be made advising riders should that happen.