CCT Connect Frequently Asked Questions

Bring your current CCT non-photo ID and a valid, state-issued ID to SEPTA Headquarters, 1234 Market Street, Concourse Level. A photo will be taken and we will exchange your CCT ID card for your new photo ID. 

Anyone may ride with their service animal at no additional charge for the animal. Service animals are individually trained to perform a task. Therapy animals and emotional support or comfort animals are not permitted. 

By federal regulation, we are not permitted to prioritize one kind of disability over another. We can only look at the conditions that make you unable to use regular transit. Paratransit is a form of public transportation. It is possible that your medical condition makes CCT paratransit service unsuitable for your special medical needs. 

CCT vehicle operators are bus drivers, like regular transit bus drivers. Federal regulations require us to apply the same rules to every customer.

If your family has special needs that require more personal care than other CCT customers, you should arrange to have a Personal Care Attendant travel with them. If your family member should not ride a SEPTA bus or train alone, he or she should not ride CCT alone.

No. Vehicle operators will get assistance through the Control Center in an emergency. If there is a medical emergency, or any threat to the vehicle or its passengers, the Control Center will call 911 and direct the responders to the exact vehicle location. CCT is not medical transportation. 

Drivers are prohibited from accepting tips or gratuities. We offer the same level of professional service to every customer. 

CCT has a Disruptive Behavior Policy with rules prohibiting violent, destructive, unsafe, or disruptive behavior; abusive, threatening or obscene language; and actions that interfere with safe vehicle operation or are perceived as threatening to others. Keep in mind that some customers have disabilities that affect their behavior, hygiene, or appearance. 

CCT does not provide refunds to pay for alternative transportation just as you would not be refunded if your taxi fare or your regular SEPTA bus did not show up. Paratransit is subject to the same conditions that affect any vehicle on the road, and there will be times when your ride will be late due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. 

Your account is flagged for suspension when there is a pattern of excessive late cancellations and no shows. Your account is reviewed before a suspension letter is sent. If you receive a suspension notification letter, you can appeal.

As soon as your No Show/Late Cancellation appeal is received, the suspension will be placed on hold. When you appeal, you may provide us with additional information about the circumstances of your cancellations and No Shows.

You are responsible for your rides. If you go on vacation or will be out sick for a length of time, make sure you arrange to cancel standing order trips, or trips that are booked for you by an agency or another person. If you do not take those trips, they will become No Shows.